Almost Finished,What’s Next,.NET Source Code

What a nice morning after everything… It has been more than a week since I finished my coursework which means that I unofficially finished my masters. Things are started to change now, I really didn’t understand how this month has passed and couldn’t believe it’s just finished. Well the truth is I enjoyed every single moment of and very happy about it. Something is going to happen soon, I’ll tell you later but fingers crossed for the moment…

Back to business, the source code of the .NET Framework will be released under MS-RL license. Moreover debugging from Visual Studio, looking to the source locally will be possible. What an announcement! I just couldn’t believe it. Since the BCL Team insisted on the comments, I really wonder about the comments, as well as the code.

Have you ever wanted to look inside some of the BCL methods? Have you ever wondered about some exception thrown by our code? Are you curious to see what comments BCL developers write in their code?

Well yes to all those questions. This is a big step for the developer community. Previously Rotor is available as a research license but we weren’t sure it was the real .NET framework also it wasn’t usable from Visual Studio. Although the current license will allow only as a reference the code rather than using, I assume there will be some further movements to be more open, we’ll see. Also now you could see the news on Slashdot and digg so everybody is talking about it which is absolutely perfect