Google's Malware Warning

My windows became unbootable, I was receiving and I logged to my linux partition. I was looking for the bootdisks for my flash drive because I don’t have an XP cd (Laptop gave only the ghost image of Windows CD), I needed to have chkdsk command at least, so I googled for “windows boot disk usb chkdsk” then clicked the 2nd result which is “Bootdisk.Com Top Ten TuneUp Tips” the link goes to site and the Malware Warning page.


I wouldn’t know, It is nice to know that, although I am totaly in an another platform (I am in linux and can’t boot windows) it is nice to have that.

I found BartPE bootable cd for the solution of my problem. It is uses Windows XP files and can be used for the bootable cd or bootable flash disk.

Here are links that you can find more information :