ImageLabel Control for ASP.NET (Potential CAPTCHA Control)

I posted an article to The Code Project for an image control. The basic idea for developing that is to write e-mail addresses as images using various formatting options on web applications.

Labels are generated as images instead of text, to have more privacy without any configurations and without HttpHandlers

ImageLabel is an ASP.NET web control for generating labels as images. You might want to do that for providing security for e-mail crawlers or to disallow copy paste of the text. Many similar controls have implemented as HttpHandlers, so you need more configuration to make them work. However this control does not need any configuration. You just need to use just like any other control like Label. Almost all of the label formatting options are included, like font size, backcolor, forecolor. Although this is not implemented as a CAPTCHA control, that functionality can easily added to image generation method.

ImageLabel Control at CodeProject

I think it is a good way to understand page and control life cycle using that control, if you are wondered about them. Beside that, if you like the article you can vote for me if you want to :)

Browser View :

imageLabel on Browser

Visual Studio Design View :

ImageLabel on Visual Studio Designer