Meta Tag - Wordpress Plugin

Meta tags are the hidden info of your page. Most of the search engines use this info to crawl your page. You can view these fields from your page source between head tags. Wordpress does not have a configuration tool for meta tags. I wanted my meta tags to be configurable,so I made this plug in. You don’t have to edit each themes header.php file anymore. This plug in also sets the meta data details dynamically based on your post.


Just upload the file to wp-content/plugins directory, than configure it on the options page using Meta Tags tab. Enter your desired information and meta tags are inserted on every page.


Wordpress meta tag manager plugin

Download;//downloads/;Wordpress meta-tags plugin;.

Change Log

Version 0.1 : It allows you to customize two fields of the meta-tag, probably the most popular one. These fields are Description and Keywords. These are mostly used by search engines.