Microsummary Generator plugin for Wordpress

Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 supports a new feature called microsummaries . It is a kind of smart bookmark feature added to firefox.
However because firefox 2 is beta, I think they don’t support dynamic files. What it looks for an xml file is the extension xml. As a result it can’t use for the dynamic results as php for our case. I hope that this will be solved on the final product, I just mailed mozilla support team for this issue. Maybe this is by design, but it should support dynamic xml files.


It’s funny I know, but this plugin is not working :) This is because firefox want static xml file. I made this plugin without knowing that, as a result waiting for them to support it.


To install it. Extract the generator file (microsummary-generator.php) to your plugin folder. And the xml file (microsummary.php) to your blog’s root folder. Then add MicroSummaryBookmark() function to your theme file. Actually this provides the link to be put on your page. So you can put this file wherever you want to see in your page.


Link to Microsummary Add to Microsummaries Generated Error


http://www.codingday.com;//downloads/microsummary.zip;Download Microsummary plugin for wordpress;.