nBloglines .NET Module for Bloglines Web Services

Bloglines is still the only reader that provides an “official API” to make use of their services. I was working on a syndication application and decided to share the .NET Bloglines library that I wrote to use their web services.


  • .NET 3.5 Framework

Quick Reference

  • public Bloglines(string username, string password)
    Member of CodingDay.Bloglines

Default constructor, password is optional for count function.

  • public int Count()
    Member of CodingDay.Bloglines

Returns number of unread items from your subscriptions

  • public System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable GetSubscriptionList() Member of CodingDay.Bloglines

Gets the Subscription list from your account

  • public System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable GetChannels(string SubId, bool markasRead) Member of CodingDay.Bloglines

Get the rss feeds for a subscription ID returned from the subscription list function. MarkasRead parameter is the synchronization parameter to mark the changes on bloglines servers.


http://www.codingday.com;//downloads/Bloglines.cs;nBloglines Source Code; http://www.codingday.com;//downloads/nBloglines.dll;nBloglines DLL;


  • Create CodingDay.Bloglines object

    var blines = new CodingDay.Bloglines(“@.”, “**”);

  • Count unread items for the user

    Console.WriteLine(“{0}”, blines.Count());

  • Get list of subscriptions

    var subscriptions = blines.GetSubscriptionList(); foreach (var item in subscriptions) { Console.WriteLine(“id:{0}, url:{1}, parent:{2}”, item.Id, item.Url, item.ParentId); }

  • Get items for a subscription feed or folder using the id returned from subscription function

    // use a number from the subscriptions id var channels = blines.GetChannels(“64363260”, false); foreach (var item in channels) { Console.WriteLine(“title:{0}, description:{1}”, item.Title, item.Description); foreach (var i in item.Items) { Console.WriteLine(“{0}”, i.Description); } }

For more details, check out http://www.bloglines.com/services/api/