Not enough time for everything

I can’t find time for doing my todo list. I am trying to do as much as I can, however I still have unread books, unwatched movies, unread mails etc. Maybe I am not planning very good, however while reading my rss feeds, I saw that some other people are complaining about that. Actually this is an endless work to complete. Everyday some new ideas, new products appears. While working on a project, I can’t find a time for every field of this ocean. Here are the hot topics to learn for the next year as stated in Howard’s blog. Future Technologies

I have a list of rss feeds. So I try to read them. I just make a quick review of the content, and print interesting, potentially useful articles. Than read it whenever I am away from my computer, on the road especially. Hard copy reading is a lot faster than screen reading.

Nowadays beside the warehouse project that I am currently involved, I am trying to catch the wave of windows vista, actually .Net Framework 3. But I also want to do some atlas, javascript stuff, xp, read more books, watch more movies, have more time with my family, friends and more and more…

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