Parallel Web with Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo! Pipes is a great idea implemented by Yahoo! with an incredibly amazing user interface. When I first played with I just shocked and suspected about flashy stuff. However it is based on only Javascript with the help of Yahoo’s great Yahoo! User Interface Library on the back-end.

The idea is simple to explain if you know the pipes from the operating systems. Basically linking the output of something to the input of something else or vice versa. Something in this case is the RSS feeds or web services provided from different sources.

Pipes are one of the main concepts in parallel computing for pipelining the process. Since web is enormously distributed, what you can do is infinite. There are some operators available like for each, count, sort, filter that you can do various operations to the feeds. So with this tool, you can parallellise web and get the processed result.

The create pipe user interface is very similar to the IDE interface even it has a debugger as we used to do. On the left you have the toolbox and you have the design surface where you drag and drop the components. Beside creating your own pipes, you can also use people’s pipes as well.