Seemless Wordpress Hosting Migration

I just changed my hosting service to GoDaddy. I hope everything works normally. I was using their services for a while and I was content, so I decided to move my blog to their servers. I tried to move everything I needed to my new server.

  1. I uploaded newest version of wordpress, created a new database and configured it on the temporary page.

  2. I copied the plug-ins, themes, and some other folders to my new server.

  3. I backed up the previous database and restored to the new server. This option works only if you are going to use the same domain name.

  4. Than I changed my domain name name servers to godaddy name servers

  5. After 2 hours, the site was up and running on the new server with a little problem. Permalinks was not working.

This was because of Godaddy 404 page behavior. To make it work

  • Go to Hosting Control Panel.

  • Click to Settings-> 404 Error Behavior

  • Instead of default Default’s 404 page, select Make my 404 Page my Home Page.

Finally deactivate all the plugins and enable the one you need to make sure that every plug-in you use initialize correctly.