Windows Sideshow and Gadgets

Windows Vista new features has been started to implement by many hardware manufacturers. One of the features that I want to use mostly is Windows Sideshow.

The Windows Sideshow site points that :

Wouldn’t it be great if you could read an e-mail message, confirm a meeting location, or check a flight reservation without turning on your computer?

I really want to do that without switching on my computer. I don’t want to load the operating system just for checking mails. Windows Sideshow is basically a gadget interface. For the moment some interesting products are using Windows Sideshow technology like motherboards, notebooks, bags. I mostly liked sideshow enabled notebook. I am sure there will be more interesting products in a wide range later this year.

With the adoption of Windows Sideshow, gadgets will be more important which will make Windows Sidebar more important product among other gadget engines. Gadgets are small programs for many different purposes. Mostly they are programmed in XHTML and javascript. If you have an idea for a gadget programming them is not a big deal. I mostly found the gadgets I needed and hacked some of them to work much better :). Currently there are a few hundred gadgets in the Windows Gadget Gallery and is increasing everyday. I personally like the gadget idea although I prefer to use Yahoo Widget Engine because of the heads up display and the number of widgets. I use gadgets for e-mails, weather, system monitoring, alarms, TV schedules, and some RSS feeds that I can ignore.