Wordpress Binary Blue Localization Problem Solved

I have the same localization problem with other guys that run binary blue theme. For details, you can read the post about Binary Blue Localization I try and test from my home computer and the localization works perfect. However my server somehow doesn’t let me to do it. I tried every combination of the naming for the WPLANG and for the PO filename. My site was still displaying in german. So I decided to write a simple utility to convert the main files to the localized files. After 2 hours of hard coding I successed with localization using the PO text file. Here is the tool to localize binary blue to your language using the PO file.
http://www.codingday.com;//downloads/po.zip;PO File Integrator;.

To use the program you need to have .Net Framework 2.0 installed. Also you need to download the desired PO file and the theme itself. After that you can run the program to rewrite the files for you. I don’t know if anybody is interested with the source code, if you do please let me know.

How to use it

  • Run the program

Initial Screen of PO Integrator

  • Select folders desired, destination folder should be empty!

PO Integrator selected files and folders

  • Click Start, and you are done. Copy the files to the default themes location in the web server

PO Integrator Operation Complete