WPF/E Released

Scott Guthrie and his team at Microsoft has released a new product code named WPF/E. It looks like a flash replacement for Internet Explorer browser with some additional features. First of all, it only works with Internet Explorer, I think if they don’t give support to other platforms and other browsers, although WPF/E seems really great, it might not be popular as flash.

We want some standards to look our applications look the same on every platform. I have never programmed flash scripts before and I am sure that Microsoft will provide that easy to developers. However if it is only for IE, I don’t think many of the developers will use it.

I don’t understand that new approach as well. The products like Virtual Earth or Photosynth and this only works for Internet Explorer because they use Activex. I don’t know if they will support other platforms but since it’s developed on ActiveX I don’t think they will give any support.